This is the side of my father’s mother, Daisy Mae Croswell. Her mother, born 1856 in South Carolina, was Nancy Emmaline Ramsey. Her mother, born 1820 in South Carolina, was Mary Anne Henderson. Her mother, born 1800 in South Carolina, was Jane Haralson. Her mother, born 1762 in Maryland?, was Mary Ann Malone. Mary Ann’s grandfather, Daniel Malone was born in 1696 and married Sarah Sullivan. Sarah’s grandfather married Elizabeth Claiborne.

This heritage is mostly matrilineal, which means there is not too much material on the women, since women’s work doesn’t get written up, or even recognized at the time. This is just a fact of life. Most of the records are in the names of men.

I have hopes that I can post a bit on the Malones, Haralsons and Hendersons soon. I find it fascinating how all these strands intertwine.

FYI – Nancy Emmaline Ramsey’s father, Thomas was the son of an Irish trader and a Cherokee princess. Their story begins about 1800 in South Carolina. Further down the road, on all levels, than this history will get to anytime soon in detail.

When I visited Tallapoosa County, Alabama, a few years back, I did find records of the Haralsons and Hendersons and Ramseys, so I am sure of my facts that far back. There is something very authentic about opening a huge leather-bound book in the basement of the Tallapoosa County City Hall and reading an inventory of the will. Or seeing the trading permit which Ramsey got to enter what was at the time Indian Territory. In many ways, it is a short span of time which has brought us from Jamestown to the present, one family at a time.