It has been hot here the past few days.  Not really humid, compared to, say, Austin, Texas, or Hangzhou, China.  And it does cool off a bit at night.  But I have turned on the A/C in the apartment and it is quite nice actually.  Yesterday, Sunday, I went to el Museo de Arte Latinoamericana de Buenos Aires, known as MALBA.  This was started around the private modern art collection of a rich man, but has made some additions and has also become a performance space/ special exhibition venue.  There was an compelling exhibit of the work of a Belgian-Mexican artist, Francis Alys, including a film she made in Afghanistan of boys playing which was worth the price of admission.  It is a beautiful building with nice exhibit spaces.


Today I had the ticket for the rest of my aborted bus tour.  I had chosen Monday as my alternate date, not knowing how hot it would be.  I felt that I was prepared, with water, food, and an umbrella.  I took the city bus to the stop just before I gave up last time.  This time we made it through 9 stops, and the center of town, before the bus broke down.  Fortunately, we had just reached a very colorful area where there were lots of outdoor cafes.


Line of people waiting to get on bus.  They were lucky and lost out.



Yes, it is touristy, but fun.  And I was able to figure out the city bus schedule on  my mobile phone while I was enjoying my empanadas and Coke — a major breakthrough.  And my new favorite #10 bus goes all the way from here back across town to my apartment!

I have given up on the idea of the tour bus.  To be fair, coming to Buenos Aires at Christmas is like going to Paris in August, except there are more tourists.  The locals are all at the beach or in the lake district.  But there is still lots of traffic.  I’m sure our bus overheated.  I know I did.  The advantage is that I feel I have done the tourist thing now, so can go search out the smaller things.