It’s not for lack of events that I haven’t written for a few days.  Actually, it’s because of the Austalian Open.  But today I am taking the day off because they are predicting a big thunderstorm.  The clouds look threatening.  I just heard that they closed the road to Chile because of storm damage.  Hope they get it open by Tuesday.

I took the bus from Cordoba to Mendoza.  It was the local, going over the sierras and down through a desert before getting to the vineyards.  Quite a lovely tour, with a really comfortable seat and kids hopping on with baskets of sandwiches.  I became fascinated by the local bus stations as windows to the towns.

20160120_092508         20160120_132436











The one on the left is Cordoba.  On the right is a small town up in the hills, obviously a hiking base.

On Friday I took a half day wineries tour here in Mendoza.  They have a great tour bus that does half or full days in four different directions and manages to let everyone select their own places to visit.  If you do the full day you get lunch at a winery if you want.  Seemed too much for me.  They are very well organized and  professional at the wineries, like in Napa.  And the wines are really lovely.  And being out in the country was nice.



I am enjoying revisiting parts of Mendoza I liked and finding a new tram which goes around downtown and new restaurants.  And staying in another of Gerardo’s nice apartments, this one upstairs with a view.  Too little time for everything.