Yesterday was not my best vacation day.  The flight from Mendoza was very nice, over the Andes in 45 minutes.


Getting through Santiago Airport was also quick.  To the point of being like in a cattle chute out the door with no chance to grab a bite to eat and onto a Turbus which took me to the bus terminal at the Pajaritos Metro station, where I found a stand with sandwiches and sodas and got right on a bus for Vina del Mar.  I do love the buses here.  There is a great view and the seats are incredibly comfortable.


That’s not my bus, but was the only other one at the terminal when I was settling in.

When I got to the apartment, which was only a block from the bus station in Vina, the first thing I did was call the dentist who had been recommended by the cousin-dentist of my landlord in Mendoza to fix the crack in my partial.  They told me to come right over to their lovely office.


Nice waiting room, no?  And the doctor did a good repair right there.  So all that was really good.  Then it went downhill trying to find a taxi or bus back to the apartment, which I managed.  But then I discovered her cable package didn’t include ESPN, which was the straw too much for a small noisy apartment.  I am now on my way to Valparaiso to see another place, which has to be better.  Wasn’t too impressed by Vina wandering around, but I’m sure I missed the good part, like the beach.

I do prefer it when I get to just be a tourist and go out to lunch.  More to come.