I went to the National Gallery. Wonderful collection and nice sofas and benches in most rooms and an extensive mobile guide and a cafe with good desserts. I went out for lunch at a good cafe a few blocks away and then went back. This is their signature painting at the moment.

Then I went to a play at a theater nearby.

Afterwards, this is at 5pm because it was a matinee, it was already dark and there was a huge crush of people going to theaters and also to a big show at Trafalgar Square which was on my way home and had cancelled my bus service. But I could walk around it and take the train across the Thames. I should have taken pictures but I was just a little overwhelmed.

People have been so nice in giving me directions cheerfully. And the infrastructure is very smooth and modern. Makes me realize what a small town I live in.

This neighborhood is quiet and yet convenient. And the flat is lovely.

And I have not used my umbrella yet.