The major museums in Rhodes are The Palace of the Grand Master and the Archeological Museum, both in the medieval town. The order in Rhodes was the Knights Hospitallar, not the Templars. The archeological museum is in their healing center down the long street of houses for various members of the order from all over Europe. They were there between the Byzantine and Ottoman empires and had to fight off numerous attacks. So the palace is a castle.

But extensive around the courtyard.

They have moved in a lot of good mosaics, mostly from Kos.

In contrast to all the wonderfully educational museums I have seen, there is almost no explanation of anything. Which is actually nice because you can just experience the might of the place.

After a break for lunch, a good lamb stew

I went to the archeological museum in the actual hospital. Like a monastery around a cloister with an extensive collection, mostly Greek pottery. But again, the building overwhelmed the contents. There was even a large garden. Perhaps they believed in the healing powers of open air.

Works for me.