Yesterday I rented a car so we could go out in the countryside. Problem number one was finding the Avis office at the train station. We could see the other companies across the street and I asked one and they said Avis was in the station. I finally had to ask information who told me it was downstairs.

Then I found out that Google maps, which had faithfully taken me all over Ireland and the Occitaine, didn’t function here. We drove towards the mountains, discovering new parts of town. Finally I stopped at a gas station but the clerk didn’t have a clue. Meanwhile Kevin was trying to learn how to use the navigation system in the car. I asked a man nearby on a motorcycle and he gave me directions. By the way it’s hard to find maps anymore.

By that time it was time to go home and watch the Federer and Nadal match from the French Open. It is handy to have tram tracks to follow to get home. And we had to find the person parked in front of the garage and get him to move.

And then the wind was blowing so much in Paris they could barely play. I had a cuppa tea and Swiss chocolate and a new book. And a market right around the corner. And French wine. Sorry that there are no pictures.