From Ancestry my distant relatives claim William Claiborne as our ancestor.  He was a fascinating man and I am glad to claim him.  He came to Jamestown in 1621, at the age of 21, as official Surveyor for the Colony of Virginia.  He went on to serve as Treasurer and Secretary of State for Virginia.

But, in 1632, he bought Kent Island from the local tribe and built his own colony.  Unfortunately, King James granted that land to the Catholic Lord Baltimore.  Which led Claiborne to spend the rest of his life fighting to reclaim if by legal and military action.  He lost in the end and retired to his large estate in Virginia.

But I had to see the island.  Today it’s the eastern end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  There’s a more recent historic town of Stevensville, with charming houses

And a good fish restaurant where I had a soft crab sandwich


While my neighbors tackled the hard shell

img_20191014_121640732A visit to the beach and marina after lunch.

And then the museum and the park.

All of which left me wanting to retire there.