Island tour


Yesterday we had a tour of the Eastern, non tourist, side of St Lucia.  It’s a small island but the mountains make different climates.  And it is all lovely.

This is our guide, who is also named Kevin, at one of our view stops.

We visited a public  garden around a nice house

Then we went to the southern town of Vieux Fort and a nice beachfront restaurant for lunch

He told us about life on the island and was all the time greeting people.  He said you have to be nice to people here because you are bound to see them again.  It was a great introduction to our stay here.

The house

We arrived late Tuesday night.  My plane landed at 3:30, but it took time to get the car and the traffic on the single two lane road was backed up for the last 30 minutes so we didn’t get to the house until 7.  Nicole had dinner ready and we just ate and went to bed.

Yesterday morning we went to a very good nearby market and stocked up.  Then we spent the day in the peaceful house.

It is called Sanctuary Beachfront Villa.  But it is on a hill above the water.

We can hear the waves and watch sailboats.  Today we have some one to drive us around to the lesser known parts of the island.  Stay tuned.

Friends for Christmas dinner

We woke up to snow, just enough to be pretty.  By the time everyone arrived at noon the sun was brightly shining.

img_20191225_135831089From left to right there are Lisa, Cory, Kevin, Joany and Lorena.  We have finished the delicious coquilles St Jacques which Joany made and are starting on the meat and potatoes.

Now you can see Sara and John in his Christmas hat.  A good celebration.

After Thanksgiving

And also before.  I was at Susan’s house yesterday morning and we saw these deer right outside her window.


This morning was foggy and quiet here.

By the time I went to Santa Cruz in mid morning it had cleared.

Marie and Susan and Annie and I met for lunch at one of Joe’s favorite restaurants.  Then we went back to Susan’s and shared photos and memories of Joe.  He was an exceptional man.  Not least because four women remember him with love and gratitude.

Off to California

I left for the airport at 7, which is a very relaxed hour for me.  Somehow I fell into the cracks of the Thanksgiving spractisholiday travel.  The airport in Albuquerque was practically deserted.


Things did get busier in Phoenix but it was still a calm trip.  I arrived in San Jose just as the rain cleared and cruised over the mountains to my little cabin in Felton.

Where I was greeted by a flock of turkeys celebrating not being on anyone’s table.


This is a sweet little place.



Up the river

Last night we stayed in Rhinebeck and had dinner at a nice French bistro.  Today we wandered back with various stops.

First was views of the Hudson.

Then wildlife and trees.

Then a walk by the river.

And a fanciful carriage house at one estate and the Grecian splendor of another.

The trip ended with dahlias and jack-o’-lanterns lonely on a bench at Vassar.

Fall and art

Alice and Llyn took me on a trip up the Hudson River Valley.  It was raining yesterday when we drove up but still beautiful.

Our destination was the Clark Art Institute which is just over the line in Massachusetts.  It is based on a wonderful private collection and is in a lovely country location.

And it favors my pets, the Impressionists

Happy home

It’s such a treat to visit long time friends.  They have recently moved to a marvelous retirement community right on the banks of the Hudson.  It is next door to a state park where Alice and I went for a walk after breakfast.

We don’t know the name of that amazing fungus.  We saw a Monarch butterfly caterpillar.  And were greeted by all the residents we passed.  I’m so pleased for them to be able to live here.