Up the river

Last night we stayed in Rhinebeck and had dinner at a nice French bistro.  Today we wandered back with various stops.

First was views of the Hudson.

Then wildlife and trees.

Then a walk by the river.

And a fanciful carriage house at one estate and the Grecian splendor of another.

The trip ended with dahlias and jack-o’-lanterns lonely on a bench at Vassar.

Fall and art

Alice and Llyn took me on a trip up the Hudson River Valley.  It was raining yesterday when we drove up but still beautiful.

Our destination was the Clark Art Institute which is just over the line in Massachusetts.  It is based on a wonderful private collection and is in a lovely country location.

And it favors my pets, the Impressionists

Happy home

It’s such a treat to visit long time friends.  They have recently moved to a marvelous retirement community right on the banks of the Hudson.  It is next door to a state park where Alice and I went for a walk after breakfast.

We don’t know the name of that amazing fungus.  We saw a Monarch butterfly caterpillar.  And were greeted by all the residents we passed.  I’m so pleased for them to be able to live here.


Yesterday I moved to Alice and Llyn’s new place in Westchester county.  This meant spending the day in Grand Central station.  I was staying in a room in an apartment on the Upper East Side.

With a fine view from the 11th floor.  But she had to go to work at 10.  So I Ubered over to Grand Central.

Which is actually like being in a giant anthill.

So I just sat and watched and read and ate.  Then took the train up the Hudson.


And then I had a chance to catch up with friends.  I am now awake before them but they set me up with a pot of coffee so I can start my day.


Ultimate rainy museum

Today it rained again so I spent the day at the Met.  There were lines at the cloakroom to drop off raincoats and umbrellas.  I was behind this cutie.


It was luxurious to have the whole day to wander.  I saved the Monets for the finale.

When I came out the rain had stopped.


And there was a good cafe on the way back to the apartment.


Morning stroll

Since I had a free morning before I go to New York I went to Harvard.  I had thought it might bring back memories but I didn’t get to my old dorm.  It is a lovely place.

And I did remember Widener Library.



Mostly the stacks in the basement.  But such a pretty day and not time to hunt them out.  And you probably have to be a student.

Around town

Marie had the morning to spend with me.  We walked from the Back Bay where my hotel was and her B&B.

Past churches and Copley square to the beautiful public garden.

She had to get her flight back to California.  I ate at a good Italian restaurant.


And visited the intriguing Isabella Stewart Gardner museum which she built to house her personal collection of some great painting and lots of interesting things from her travels.  She loved Venice and honored it in the courtyard.

More history

Now I’m in Boston and moving back to the start of the Revolution.  I met Marie here and we walked the Freedom Trail, which is traced in red brick from the Boston Common.  And begins with a lovely view of the State House.


And continues through a graveyard where many patriots were buried.


Then there is the Old South Meeting House and the site of the Boston Massacre.


It amazes me how the men of such a small town could rebell against an empire.  Surely collecting in one building with great oratory helped.  And British intransigence.

We finished at the Old North Church and Paul Revere.


It truly is an amazing story.

Then it was time to go out to the harbor and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Fall color

Taking the train from Alexandria to Boston is a good way to see the trees change.  There is almost a continual border of woods along the tracks.

And the New York City skyline and the marinas in Connecticut.

I took the local train and enjoyed my time with a good book, Kingsolver’s Unsheltered.  I like train travel.  The seats are big and comfy and there’s no security and you can walk around when and where you want.

And the price is reasonable.  Very relaxing.