That’s why I came.  On Friday we did a full day raft float down the Gunnison river.

That’s our wonderful guide Andrew who did most of the work.  Joany paddled a bit and I mostly just sat.

It’s really beautiful all the way with mostly woods and rock formations and some nice houses, including our cabin.

Today was the lake fishing trip.

We were on Blue Mesa reservoir which is a big lake with lots of trout and salmon.  We had another great local guide Ryan who has a beautiful boat.  I actually reeled in two trout and Joany got four so we are set for dinner.

Sunrise at the cabin

Another beautiful day.img_20200625_063100268_hdr

It is 6:30 and this is from the back porch of the cabin.

It’s a comfortable place.


This is taken from my corner of the couch.  You can just see the railing of the loft where I sleep.


These are the stairs up to Joany’s bedroom.  I slept in the bunk bed the first night but it was a bit claustrophobic.


And the living room with the big screen TV equipped with Roku.  I’m sure the fireplace would be great in the spring and fall.  It’s brisk now but very comfortable inside.  A very relaxing place.

Close to home

We stayed at the cabin all morning.  Perfect weather.  We played some bridge.  Drove the three miles into town for lunch.

Gunnison still has a small town feel, one main street and a slow pace.  We got some food to go and went to a nice little park just down the block.

A little shopping and back to watching the river.  Way to live.  I feel very lucky.

River front

We drove up to Gunnison today.  We went through Antonito and stopped for lunch in Monte Vista.  There was a take out window in the alley by the cafe on Main Street.  And the lady told us how to get to the nice city park.

Our cabin really is on the river.  I have been sitting out here reading and listening to the rushing water.  I’m covered in cottonwood fluff.  Pretty idyllic.

Small outing

Yesterday I went out with Joany for a little hike and a picnic.  We went to the wide open spaces of the Galisteo Basin Preserve

She hiked and I enjoyed the view.  Then we went to the shady park by the Lamy train station for our picnic.  The train came through while we were there.

It was great to be outside and far enough away from the few other people so we didn’t have to wear our masks.  New Mexico does have the advantage of lots of room.

Last taste

We went to a restaurant, said to be the best on the island, in a resort on down the road at the northern tip of the island, down smuggler’s cove road. It would be hard to beat.

First there is the setting, much like our house.


We were served an amuse bouche of couscous to go with our rum cocktails.


I had shrimp and vegetables in a fabulous sauce.

Kevin had a good seafood chowder and the cheese plate.  Lucky that it’s our last day or we would have spent more money there.

Now we can clean out the fridge for dinner and leave in the morning.