Santa Fe vacation

The summer weather has settled into the monsoon season. Lots of rain and cooler temps. Combined with chamber music at noon in the museum by the Plaza it gave me a perfect day.

I started with breakfast by my pond.

Before the concert I relaxed on the Plaza.
And spent some time in the beautiful museum courtyard.
After the concert I got a sandwich to go and went to the rose park.
This is the kind of day that reminds me why I live here.

Up in the air

This morning we took a flight over Lake Powell. It is a long dammed up river that filled some beautiful canyons. There is a lot of electricity created by the water rushing through the dam. And the area is amazing.

It was wonderful to have a bird’s eye view. Fortunately the wind has died down. A great way to end our trip.

Scenic overlook

I do love looking down from on high. Yesterday we transferred from our nice house near Capitol Reef to Bryce Canyon. This meant turning right out of the driveway and going over Boulder Mountain and looking down on where we had been.

The weather was cooler and windy with a few drops of rain. I took a lot of pictures out of the car parked at pullouts.

We finally tore ourselves away and found a nice spot for a picnic next to an old ranger station.
Then we stopped at the Anasazi Museum in Boulder. I hadn’t realized that they were so far north and west. And there was a lovely food truck for coffee.
We got to the lodge at Bryce in time for a quick visit to the rim before dinner but it was too windy to stay. Back to our comfy rooms to rest up.

More back road

Today we adventured up to the north part of Capitol Reef. On the map from the visitors center it looked like a loop drive. Around the first corner that idea was sunk. At the ford.

We tried the other side of the”loop” and got all the way to the top with only a few scary moments. The rock formations are different and magnificent.
Finally we climbed up a steep rocky road for a view of the valley.
And a picnic in the pines.
And drove through open range high meadows.
I loved the space and other worldly aspects and was grateful to Volvo.


Yesterday Susan and I drove up from Bullfrog Crossing on Lake Powell to Capitol Reef. We took the back road called the Water pocket Fold road. Susan was delighted to find most of it has been paved since her last visit. We had it to ourselves and were able to drink in the space and silence and bare bones of the earth.

Susan studied geology and could tell me how the layers were created. In the visitors center they have a display.
Really gives you a sense of your place in time. The scenic drive in the park has amazing formations.
Today we will see even more.

Day off

Susan has been rescheduled for tonight at 6. I have a bed, air conditioned motel room, and tennis on my laptop.

But it seemed like the perfect chance to get the unlocked gas cap fixed. After the tank drank $70 when I filled it yesterday. I called a dealership here and they had the part and are fixing it now.

I was entertained by a lady who is a big Nadal fan.

She also shared her medical history but she was a good story teller.

This is a good place, very comfortable and friendly.

And I will feel safer leaving my car in a lot over night.

Next I am planning to visit another Whole Foods for some things I missed yesterday. And then I have a sushi place chosen for after I collect Susan.

I had never really been in Phoenix outside the airport. It has some good aspects. But it is really really hot here today.

Road trip

This morning I left my house at 7:30. Which meant I had a nice low traffic cruise to Arizona. I made it to the Subway in Heber, which is before Payson. Checked into a nice air conditioned motel.

With a nice big bed.
And great wall art.
I went to Whole Foods and stocked up. Just when I got back to the room I heard from Susan that American has rescheduled her morning flight. She is trying to find a solution. Really short notice. I hope we only lose one day.


I went for an Italian lunch, which could become a Sunday habit here.

This was at a restaurant in the Brandywine Valley west of Wilmington. Google maps took me on the scenic tour on winding roads through the woods and past elegant farms.

Then I went by more curvy roads to Mt Cuba Center. This was the home of an early 20th century DuPont and his wife. They turned it into a center for botanical gardens. It feels rather like an English home, very peaceful.

And that ends my week in Wilmington. Tomorrow I take the train to Baltimore to catch an early flight home on Tuesday. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this area. I have my ancestors to thank.


Today was gently misty and relaxing. I took a gentle cruise on the river on the Kalmar Nyckel. This is a replica of an early Swedish ship which traded at the Swedish fort here when it was their colony from 1638 to 1655. The ship is powered by engines but they did raise two sails for fun.

It was a peaceful way to see the Wilmington waterfront.